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Privacy Policy

Tamari Industry Co., Ltd. ("we" or "Tamari") recognizes the importance of privacy to our customers, and we pledge to exercise utmost care in managing and protecting the security and privacy of our customers' personal information.

Use of personal information
Tamari uses personal information collected from our customers to improve services and for the purposes listed below.
(1)To specify mailing addresses when making shipments
(2)To provide information on our products and services
(3)In responding to customers' questions and orders

Collection of personal information
When making use of personally identifiable information, we will inform the customer of how we intend to use that information in advance, except in the cases listed below.
(1)When collecting information from requests for catalogs
(2)When collecting business cards at trade shows where our products are exhibited
(3)When collecting information from questions and consultations made by phone or email
(4)When exchanging business cards at meetings with sales representatives

Management of personal information
Tamari will not disclose customers' personal information to any third party, except in the cases listed below.
(1)When we have the customer's permission
(2)When disclosure of the information is required by law
(3)When releasing the results of marketing analyses and other results from which identify of specific individuals is not possible
(4)When immediate disclosure of the information is necessary to preserve life, prevent injury, or protect property

Disclosure of personal information
We will, upon confirmation of the customer's identity, respond as requested in disclosing, correcting, suspending the use of, or deleting the customer's personal information in our possession.