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Test Processing • Commissioned Processing

Tamari Industry is where customers come for solutions to the many different problems they face in laser processing technology, a technology fundamental to "craftsmanship in manufacturing." We have thus set up a demonstration test environment that allows us to develop various projects matching our customer's knowledge of lasers. We describe the fundamentals of laser technology using actual laser devices and give customers a chance to try out some basic laser processing. This provides our visitors—including those who have never had the chance to handle any laser equipment—with a valuable opportunity to get a concrete, easy-to-understand introduction to laser processing setups and examples of familiar applications (such as test patterns).

Consulting on Line Cost Reductions

Companies can reduce their costs by rethinking their facilities and machine designs. We offer comprehensive plans that include reviews of machine designs, ideas for production line installation, and support. For nearly thirty years, major auto and appliance manufacturers have come to us to help them meet production line design, manufacturing, and installation needs. We have extensive expertise in holding down the variety of costs encountered. We encourage your firm to contact us as well.

 Repair and Modification of Products from Other Companies

Are you having any sort of trouble with equipment you are currently using? We not only develop new equipment, we are also specialists in modifying existing machinery. If you don't quite have the budget to buy new, please get in touch with us.